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EMMA 816 Cement Softener
HARD SURFACE CAREEMMA 816 Cement SoftenerHighly acid agent for removal of large amount of rust, water scale, cement bulg
EMMA 817 S-Out
HARD SURFACE CAREEMMA 817 S-Out(Toilet Bowl Cleaner) It is a fast action toilet bowl and urinal cleaner with disinfectan
EMMA 818 Deep Double
HARD SURFACE CAREEMMA 818 Deep Double(Mosaic Cleaner)A heavy duty discaler which effectively remove encrusted lime scale
EMMA 821 Gum Remover
HARD SURFACE CAREEMMA 821 Gum RemoverThis product is ready to use and safe on carpets and upholsteries but be sure to te
EMMA 829 Stainless Steel Polish
HARD SURFACE CAREEMMA 829 Stainless Steel PolishReady to use. Remove the dirt from steel quickly and form a thin inactiv
EMMA 838 Coil Kleen
HARD SURFACE CAREEMMA 838 Coil KleenPenetrating and emulsifying atmospheric soil on chiller coil to restore cooling effi
EMMA 839 Scouring Cream
HARD SURFACE CAREEMMA 839 Scouring CreamAn effective non scratch cream suitable for cleaning of basins, stainless steel
EMMA 878 Alu Clean
HARD SURFACE CAREEMMA 878 Alu Clean(Aluminium Composite Panel Cleaner) Special formulated cleaner for quickeasy removal
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