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EMMA 804 Polyshine
FLOOR CAREEMMA 804 Polyshine(High Glass Floor Finish) High gloss, metalized emulsion, self-shinning polish for vinyl, ru
EMMA 805 Super Top Glass
FLOOR CAREEMMA 805 Super Top Glass(Wet Look Floor Finish With Sealer) A 25% Solids, extra durable acrylic polish, which
EMMA 806 Apex Seal
FLOOR CAREEMMA 806 Apex Seal(Undercoat Floor Sealer) A water base acrylic seal for vinyl, rubber, asphalt, terrazzo, lin
EMMA 807 Creat Seal
FLOOR CAREEMMA 807 Creat Seal(All Weather Floor Sealer) Create a durable and glossy finish on most floor surfaces. It is
EMMA 890 C1 Powder
FLOOR CAREEMMA 890 C1 Powder(Crystallization Powder for Marble and Terrazzo) A special formulated compound used to maint
EMMA 890 C2 Powder
FLOOR CAREEMMA 890 C2 Powder(Granite Polishing Powder) A special powder for the restoration and maintenance of all type
EMMA 809 Buff-Up
FLOOR CAREEMMA 809 Buff-UpA blend of polymer and surfactant to provide a glossy and tough protective coating for polish
EMMA 809 Micro-Buff
FLOOR CAREEMMA 809 Micro-Buff(Shine Maintainer) A spirit based silicone intensifier that impregnate into the surface of
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